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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Why Choose Complete Credentialing LLC?

At Complete Credentialing, LLC, our goal is to help our clients achieve revenue growth by accurately and effectively enrolling providers in the desired healthcare plans. We guarantee our applications are submitted accurately and quickly to eliminate unnecessary enrollment delays.

Our team is experienced with a variety of specialties across almost every state in the US to include Medical, Dental, Behavioral Health and all types of mid-levels and therapists.

We offer Credentialing (Primary Source Verification), Provider Enrollment, Licensing, Contracting, Monitoring, as well as basic Provider Maintenance services at affordable rates. We can also refer you to a billing service if needed. 

We value transparency and understand the importance of our clients success. Therefore, we work as if we were employed directly by our client and believe that their success is also ours.

There is no client too big or small. We will offer a competitive rate and will match any other company's rates. 

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